Stroud Society of Model Engineers

The Society is run entirely by and for its members. We currently only have a small membership of around 25 people. The members have a wide variety of interests not all strictly model engineering but they do share a common goal in building things, making things work and passing on that knowledge to others. Some have workshops, some just a table in the back bedroom or perhaps just an idea that one day they would like to make something. Some just want a bit of company occasionally. The Society does not have its own workshop but members with can sometimes be persuaded to help members without.

Our track in Stratford Park is on land leased from the Stroud District Council. We need volunteers to maintain it and also to run the trains. Maintaining the track is more large scale gardening than engineering although occasionally we do have to do some repairs. Most of this is done on a Wednesday morning so would suit someone who is free at this time. Trains are operated on the last Sunday in the month except during the winter. We need all sorts of helpers for this. The engines are owned and generally driven by the owners although with training any member can have a go. We also need people to help in the station area and generally talk to the public and ensure the safe running of the trains. During the longer evenings we meet at the track on a Tuesday evenings to chat and trial out new or part built locos. This is also an excellent time to train new drivers while there are no passengers.

The monthly evening meetings take place during the darker months. Outside speakers are invited for most of the meetings. We need people to organise the speakers, book the hall, make the refreshments and tidy up afterwards.

Membership is currently £15 and is open to anyone over 18 and is a family membership. You must be a member to drive on our track although Wednesday evening meetings are open to all. As an initial step come to one of our meetings and ask any questions you may have. Alternatively use the email address below to find out more.

Email to bill@stroudsme.uk

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